Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just for the fun of it !

From 1963 ...

And from 1965 ...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another Step

Today was a beautiful Pentecost Sunday with all the red vestments! I am still enjoying learning of Anglican/Episcopal traditions. The rites and the liturgy are so soothing to my soul.

Last Monday I made another step in my reconstruction process .. nipple reconstruction. Interesting procedure, measuring and marking, then three little 'V' incisions, the skin pulled up and stitched to form the nipple. Also, removing a section that I called my 'poochie place', Both procedures have made me look much more symmetrical. After I heal, in two or three months, I will go back for tattooing. I'm much more pleased now.

Still battling the insurance company with having procedures covered. Just because Federal law requires insurance companies to cover reconstruction after breast cancer, does NOT mean they cover all the procedures, even when they were pre-certified. I commented to someone recently that fighting the insurance company has been much more challenging than fighting the breast cancer. It wasn't an exaggeration. Every procedure, including my original bilateral mastectomy, has had to be appealed to have it covered. Even with pre-certification, they can say .. oh well .. we changed our mind, or need more information to decide it was really necessary, or the varied steps in breast reconstruction are only 'cosmetic'. It's exasperating.

Sometimes I miss having the leisurely time to write, to keep in touch with friends who have been so supportive, to update this blog. But I suppose that 'busy-ness' is a good sign. It means my life is returning to a somewhat 'normal' routine. It means I'm engaging in more activities. It means I'm moving forward. But I'll never forget where I've been.